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Gear for sale

With the move to the new job and out of the studio / off the road, I have some gear to sell. A few instruments, a lot of pedals and a little other miscellany. Whatever doesn't sell asap will go on ebay or craigslist.

I can't figure out how to make these pictures straight. It's really annoying, but I'd rather play music on one of my last days in the studio than mess with formatting, so here you go.

If you want anything, email me via the CONTACT page and let me know. First come, first serve. Shipping is included as long as you're in the USA.

Epiphone Wilshire Electric Guitar. VINTAGE 60's.

 No specifics, but I took it to Epiphone years ago and they said it was from the 60's and was probably a protoypte, as it's all original parts but was never in production in that configuration. Pickups are crazy strong. I have flat wounds on it now and it sounds amazing. Had it since high school. w/ gig bag $850

This guitar was played a lot during the Normals days. It's used in this clip below, one of our favorite covers.

Weber A-style mandolin. In perfect shape. Who am I kidding? I can't play mandolin. This is a legit bluegrass class act. Played it at the Ryman with Ron Block and Stuart Duncan. Crazy, I know. With pickup and hardshell case. $1300

Digidesign Command 8 - Essentially, a DAW controller that is not a keyboard. Love it for mixing, or setting levels quickly. Built for ProTools but works with anything. $350

Digitech Whammy Wah - Pitch Shift Whammy effects, as well as a bunch of wah sounds. Weird and awesome. $75

DynaComp - Great compressor. $70

EHX MicroSynth - The real deal. It's what I used for all the heavy guitar sounds on Leonard, The Morning and the "Hold the Light" solo live. Also makes keys and drums do some crazy things. Original in the big box. Pretty road-worn, but works perfectly. $200

Boss Tremolo - Works great. Actually used it last night on the Rhodes. Used it at Carnegie Hall, too. Just replaced the LED. The fist is part of a Baja Burrito bumper sticker. $75


POD HD300 - I used this as my pedalboard, amp AND DI for electric and acoustic at YoungLife gigs. Sounds way better than it has any right to. Would be great for a church thing where you want to play electric quietly, or both electric without an amp and acoustic through the same chain. $200



4 bypass loop strip - This was on my main pedalboard until last week. You leave your pedals on and then use that switcher to turn them on and off. Can set up effects chains easily with it, or use it so you can get overdrives out of the way but switch them on and off easily. Got this one from Steve Mason in Jars of Clay. $75

9 bypass loop strip - $150

Same as the 4 bypass strip, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

PedalTrain PT Pro pedalboard - with hardshell case. This was my main touring pedalboard for the past number of years. These things are indestructible. - $150

Shure SM57 - I just have too many. It's in the photo above. $75.

M-Audio Expression Pedal Foot Controller - Works with a keyboard and a lot of guitar gear that uses expression pedals. Does not work with Line6, but does with Strymon. $30


Again, if you want anything, email me via the CONTACT page and let me know. Thanks!


New Beginning

I've wanted to be a musician since I was a kid. Had posters on my walls of Jars of Clay and Steven Curtis Chapman (before I discovered Pearl Jam). I dreamed of playing arenas, being in a recording studio, making music with my heroes. It has been an incredible gift and honor to, one by one, put little checkmarks on each entry of the dream list.

It's also let me see the reality of touring/musician life, and that being "bigger" or more successful is not something I actually even want. It would mean more travel and more things pulling me from my family, which to me is a much deeper calling.

I've come to a place where it feels I have to choose between providing for my family on the road or being with them at home. This past year I've found myself praying for a way to keep working with people I love on music I love, while coming off the road and being with my family.

So next week I will be starting a job at Capitol Records in the Christian Music division. This would be the label that bought the label that both signed and dropped The Normals. Same building. Such glorious irony. Or is it merely happenstance, Alanis?

I'll be doing A&R, which is short for Artist & Repertoire. Essentially, I'll be coming alongside artists, encouraging and helping them find the right vision for their projects and the right songs to speak into that vision. It is connecting artists with songwriters, producers, engineers, etc to make the right combination for the best record. It's also scouting and signing new acts.

This job is half of what you do while producing indie records, and it's honestly my favorite part. Songs are what define an artist and a record, and being able to speak into them in their infancy is something I love. Getting to know a new roster of artists and helping them find what God has made great in them when they've forgotten. This is something I am incredibly passionate about and can't wait to be able to do full-time.

And this will be a full-time, office, salary and benefits kind of gig. Something I've never had before. It will mean, however, coming off the road as a full-time musician. This past year was maybe the most I've ever enjoyed playing music on the road and I'm glad to be able to leave it while it's a thing I love.

I'll also be letting go of the studio, which is sad in one sense, but freeing in that "check I don't have to write every month" way. I'll be moving a lot of my gear into Ben Shive's BeeHive Studio so he has some more toys to play with and I'll still have a place to go and make some noise. And some more EPs.

I'll continue my artist writing and recording, because I couldn't stop if I tried, and after all, I still owe you four more EPs! So you'll be getting more music from me this year than you ever have before. I'll also keep writing music with my friends and playing on their records if they'll have me!

Road-wise, I'll be finishing out a few solo and weekend Steven Curtis shows that are left on the schedule for this season. And I'll keep playing Nashville shows, since honestly, those are usually the most fun anyway.

The truth is, my solo music has always been a side job, so except for not seeing me on the Christmas tour, it probably won't look too different from the outside. For my family, I'm hopeful it's going to look very different. In a good way.

I'm really excited about this new opportunity, a chance to really speak into something I have both loved and loathed over the years. I'm looking forward to getting to work with my producer/writer/artist friends in a new capacity, hopefully bringing them work and bringing true and beautiful music to a wider audience.

Mostly, I'm excited about seeing my girls and Alison every day. I'm thrilled to be able to be a more stable presence in our home, with a more stable income (and dental!) and a job that lets me use my love of songs, Jesus, and people in a new way.

I've had the incredible opportunity to share the stage with my heroes, write songs that have been a part of both weddings and funerals, and have made the most amazing friends. I've played somewhere around 2000 shows and done over half a million miles in a 15-passenger van. I got to perform at Carnegie Hall! I have somehow been able to play guitar and sing harmonies with the absolute best songwriters in a town called Music City.

Looking at that last paragraph feels like it's written about somebody else. It can sound lofty in a bio, but it's just been hard work at a thing I love, nose down, trying to pay the bills. For me, it has taken walking out of the room to realize just how amazing it was to have been there in the first place.

Thanks for being my friend and being a part of the past 16 years as a working musician. It has literally been a dream come true.


P.S. To celebrate this new beginning, I'm going to be throwing an online StageIt party next Tuesday night, 7:30 Central. I start the job Wednesday morning, so this will be the Reverse MidLife Crisis Eve Show. I'll be playing songs from the Heart EP and from the past 15 years. Hope to see you there!!


Heart EP

The first EP in the Heart & Soul, Flesh & Bone project releases today! Click the photo to get it, or scroll below for iTunes, Amazon and Rabbit Room links (as they go live).



Rabbit Room


Behold the Lamb Christmas Tour 2013

This year was my 10th Christmas season traveling as a part of Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb" tour, the album which was recorded in what is now my kids' playroom in our basement.

I love this group of people and I love this music.  It's been incredible to watch the tour grow from a few folks in a van playing to 100 people a night, to a bus and crew and sold out shows to thousands each night.  So glad I get to be a part of this with some of my dearest friends.


Glorious Unfolding Tour

I had an amazing time on the road this Fall with Steven Curtis Chapman.  Just an amazing man, an incredible musician, and one of the best groups of people I've ever traveled with.  I'm really looking forward to our Spring leg, which will start up again in early February.