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Studios are wonderful places.  A sacred space, built for the sole purpose of creating.  I was blessed to work early on in some great rooms with some great people.  

In October of 2009 I took what I had learned at Sputnik and moved into my own place: a small overdub/mixing room in Pentavarit studios.  It is a control room/writing area with a small performance booth for a singer or guitar player. 

It's a great, vibey, little world, with a full kitchen and lounge available down the hall.  Set up to record mainly guitars, vocals and keyboards, it's also been a great place for writing.  I hope that it feels as welcoming to artists and writers as it does to me.

It's been so wonderful to have a dedicated place just for creating. Please contact me if you're interested in recording here, or in having me mix or engineer your project.

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Some other studios I like to work in:

Sputnik Sound

Metropolitan Museum of Modern Paul

House of David

Dark Horse